Oct 17, 2016

QQ #17 and #18

Cheyenne would've had a perfect weekend, but her stupid handler messed up her Jumpers run on Saturday by sending her into the wrong end of the tunnel! UGH! so instead Cheyenne finished 5 for 6 with two QQ's #17 and #18 towards PACH2, two 1st placements, two 2nd placements and one 3rd placement, and picked up 42 speed points.

Oct 10, 2016

MJP6 and QQ #15 and #16

We did go to the Omaha trial, these guys really know how to put on a great agility trial! and they had wonderful food for lunch! Cheyenne was 5 for 6 earning two QQ's (#15 and #16 towards PACH2) and picked up 21 speed points with three 3rd placements and two 4th placements. and finished her MJP6 title!

Oct 3, 2016

MXP6 and QQ # 14

the agility weekend was a bust for us. was hoping for 60 speed points and only ended up with a measly 16 out of 3 qualifying runs thanks to a judge who wheels the course so tight it was pathetic! we didn't even stay for Jumpers today knowing there wasn't any point!
so Cheyenne earned QQ # 14, picking up two 1st placements and one 2nd and finishing her MXP6 title. so after this complete waste of time and money agility trial, we still need an astounding 118 speed points to qualify for Nationals! I hate AKC agility!