Feb 23, 2012

Parent club discussion; No acknowledgement for this Akita

While I was at the Colorado Kennel Club agility trial this past weekend, I was talking with a friend who has a pedigreed agility dog, not a bullet dog, but an average agility breed. We were discussing agility and the difficulties of running with our different breeds when I asked her, does your parent breed club acknowledge your accomplishments in agility?

She responded, oh yes! With each title we achieve they’ve mailed me a very nice plaque with our name on it and a letter from the board telling me how much they appreciate my hard work in the event. I asked her what if the title you earn isn’t from the AKC? She said she didn’t think it mattered what venue you run in, our parent club appreciates all the hard work our breed exhibitors put into their dogs making the breed that much better.

I asked does your parent club acknowledge this information on their website, and she said yes, you can lookup my dogs information with pictures, titles and other accomplishments.

Then she said, I’m sure your breed parent club is absolutely thrilled that Dolcenea has, what is it now… 80 titles? I replied 83. She said don’t they have your stuff on their website? I said nope, they don’t acknowledge any of Dolcenea’s accomplishments in agility or anything else. She replied not even titles you’ve earned in AKC? I said nope, not even them. As her jaw dropped she replied... wow, that is a shame!