Dec 19, 2015

2015 - AKC Agility Invitational

here's Cheyenne with her bling for the AKC Agility Invitational. over 3,800 miles driven, 3 days getting there and 3 days home!
she was 16th in T2B and 82 overall out of 157 dogs running within the 24" class and did bring home the breed medallion.
Cheyenne competed in this enormous event like she'd been doing it forever, and she's only been competing for just under two years! She is definitely the Top Akita!

and Cheyenne finished as the # 22 Working Dog in the groups after round 2 out of 72 dogs, here's the report from AKC:

this is how Cheyenne was ranked throughout the 4 runs at the Invitational with 157 dogs competing in her class:
round 1 finished in 21st place
round 2 finished in 46th place
round 3 finished in 51st place
round 4 finished in 81st place
if the judge wouldn't have crowded her coming off the A frame in round 3 she would have finished:
after round 3 in 22nd place
after round 4 in 72nd place
oh well, the joys of running agility I guess...

I finally found a video of one of our runs on AKC's website, here's the link. Cheyenne starts running at about the 56 minute mark and Lehigh starts running at around the 1 hour 34 minute mark. enjoy!

and here are Cheyenne's individuals runs from the Invitational:

our first run was in Time 2 Beat, she finished 16th out of 32 dogs: Cheyenne - T2B 
her round 1 run, she finished 74th out of a 157 dogs with this run: Cheyenne - round 1
her round 2 run, she finished 46th out of a 157 dogs with this run: Cheyenne - round 2
her round 3 run, she finished 51st out of a 157 dogs with this run: Cheyenne - round 3
her round 4 run, she finished 82nd out of a 157 dogs with this run: Cheyenne - round 4
she finished as the #1 Akita - High in Breed!