Mar 31, 2013

Up and coming, yes all three!

I've been so busy making Dolcenea the #1 Akita in the world, I forgot to mention three up and coming agility stars; her nephew and nieces Dakota, Cheyenne and Carmen.

This was their very first agility lesson:


This is where they are today:

and Cheyenne, with Dolcenea coaching all the way:

and finally Dakota: 

here is a true Akita brace! Dakota & Dolcenea, then Dolcenea & Dakota!

Mar 3, 2013

Agility weekends back to back.

The first NADAC agility trial was the weekend of February 23, 2013 at Latigo; boy was it cold. Maybe twenty degrees in the building and I was freezing! It's a hundred mile trip one way for us and we got up at o'dark thirty and got there just in time to setup and run our first run of the day Elite Jumpers.

Dolcenea did great, she got a Q and 2nd place. Our Chances run wasn't spectacular, but she did get the tunnel that was over 40' away with a send to it from the far jump. We may not have Q'd but her performance was stellar, and boy was mom proud.

Our next two runs were in Elite Regular, no Q's. Dolcenea made up her own course on the first run, and mom pulled her off. The second run was much better but nowhere near as fun so we were over time.

And the runs we came all this way for were two Touch'n go! Dolcenea was perfect, she got a Q out of each run with a 2nd and a 3rd place. Boy did it feel good driving all that way home at 6:00 pm at night knowing my girl did a fantastic job in really freezing conditions.

The next trial was this weekend March 2nd, at Adams County Fairgrounds. This was another NADAC trial and all we came for was two more Touch'n Go Q's to finish Dolcenea's 93 title.

We started off with Jumpers Elite and ended up with one "stupid" second over time! Boy I hate that crap, but Dolcenea had an absolutely beautiful run.  Chances was Chances, not a Chances in our case. Then onto two Regular runs with two Q's with 2nd and 4th place, not bad. Then we get to sit for four hours till our Touch'n Go runs.

It was 5:30 pm and we finally got to our first Touch'n Go run, Dolcenea ran it perfectly and pulled a 1st place Q! It doesn't get any better than that... at least that's what I thought. Now for the second run we came for, it's now 6:30 pm and we go to the line to run our final run of the day #6 after arriving at 7:15 am this morning. I've got a migraine, it's hot in the building and we are both exhausted. We take off and 35 seconds later Dolcenea finishes the course 1st place and Q and the ONLY dog to qualify in her class. I've said it before, it doesn't get any better than this! I'm so proud of this girl, Dolcenea finished title # 93! She's amazing!

Dolcenea will be considered a Veteran in NADAC, DOCNA and ASCA in two weeks! Yeah a lower jump height for the old but steady girl!