Dec 11, 2016

QQ # 5 & 6 towards PACH3/PAX3

Cheyenne had a pretty good weekend, she picked up two QQ's, #5 and #6 towards PACH3/PAX3. she earned 42 speed points along with 3rd and 4th placements! she only needs 299 speed points to finish her PACH2 title, being the first ever Akita to accomplish this HUGE milestone! if she would have Q'd in Standard on Friday she would have earned 62 speed points for the weekend being the most points she'd ever earned in a weekend! bummer the club had to have so many conflicts with the 20" Regular Standard class and Premier! really dislike the chaos at the gate when you're trying to run!

Nov 27, 2016

MXP7 and MJP7

Cheyenne had another perfect weekend!
she earned three QQ's with 44 speed points, which finished her fourth QQ towards PACH3/PAX3! she completed her MXP7 and MJP7 titles, and finished the AKC Agility Nationals qualifier with 608 speed points which she only needed 550! and she's only 341 speed points from PACH2 since the QQ's for this title were completed last weekend! she's simply amazing!

Nov 20, 2016

YES she qualified for AKC Agility Nationals! the FIRST and ONLY Akita to achieve this level in AKC Agility!

here's Cheyenne with her bling from the FANTASTIC weekend we had! she earned PAX2 (the first Akita ever to earn this title) and picked up 52 speed points with two QQ's including three 1st placements and one 2nd! YES she qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals being held in Perry Georgia! the FIRST AND ONLY Akita to ever achieve this level in AKC Agility! she needed 7 QQ's and 550 speed points to qualify for Nationals, well Cheyenne decided that earning 20 QQ's including 564 speed points was a much better way to accomplish this ENORMOUS feet! yes, mom is on cloud nine! Cynthia Hutt you should be very proud of your girl now!

Nov 14, 2016

QQ # 19

Cheyenne picked up QQ # 19 and 17 speed points towards PACH2!

Nov 9, 2016

Oct 17, 2016

QQ #17 and #18

Cheyenne would've had a perfect weekend, but her stupid handler messed up her Jumpers run on Saturday by sending her into the wrong end of the tunnel! UGH! so instead Cheyenne finished 5 for 6 with two QQ's #17 and #18 towards PACH2, two 1st placements, two 2nd placements and one 3rd placement, and picked up 42 speed points.

Oct 10, 2016

MJP6 and QQ #15 and #16

We did go to the Omaha trial, these guys really know how to put on a great agility trial! and they had wonderful food for lunch! Cheyenne was 5 for 6 earning two QQ's (#15 and #16 towards PACH2) and picked up 21 speed points with three 3rd placements and two 4th placements. and finished her MJP6 title!

Oct 3, 2016

MXP6 and QQ # 14

the agility weekend was a bust for us. was hoping for 60 speed points and only ended up with a measly 16 out of 3 qualifying runs thanks to a judge who wheels the course so tight it was pathetic! we didn't even stay for Jumpers today knowing there wasn't any point!
so Cheyenne earned QQ # 14, picking up two 1st placements and one 2nd and finishing her MXP6 title. so after this complete waste of time and money agility trial, we still need an astounding 118 speed points to qualify for Nationals! I hate AKC agility!

Aug 22, 2016

Cheyenne is the only Akita qualified for AKC's 2017 Invitational




The dogs listed in the report below are the top five (5) dogs for the selected breed at this time. At the end of the qualification period shown above, the top five (5) dogs listed will receive an invitation to the AKC Agility Invitational. If any of these top five (5) dogs decline the invitation, an invitation will be extended to the next top dog(s) of that breed. 

Tied scores within a breed will be broken by identifying the dog with the most speed points earned during the qualification period. In the event of a complete tie score between speed points and double qualifying scores, each dog with a tied score will be invited. 

This free AKC Agility Invitational report will list the top five (5) dogs for the breed selected. If the Top 5 of a breed are all from the Regular class, then an additional SIXTH invite will be sent to the Top Preferred Dog during round 1 invites. Dogs are listed in alphabetical order. 

Events are processed through August 06, 2016. 

Select the Event:   Select a Breed:  

Dog NameClass
PACH Prairie's Without A Doubt MXP5 MXPS MJP5 MJPS PAXPREF

The AKC Agility Invitational report lists the top dogs ranked in Agility events and is based on the Top MACH Dog formula (Double Q’s x 10) + MACH (Master Agility Championship) points that dogs have earned during the qualifying period. Dogs must have competed and qualified in Regular Master Standard & Jumpers With Weaves classes and the top five (5) ranked dogs of each breed will be included on these reports. If there are not five (5) dogs ranked from the Regular Master classes, dogs will be ranked based on the Preferred Master Standard & Jumpers With Weaves classes using the Top PACH Dog formula (Double Q’s x 10) + PACH (Preferred Agility Championship) points that dogs have earned during the qualifying period. If the Top 5 of a breed are all from the Regular class, then an additional SIXTH invite will be sent to the Top Preferred Dog during round 1 invites. The reports will automatically sort the dogs alphabetically.
More detailed reports are available in the Online Store. To purchase a report with the top 25 dogs of a chosen breed, listed in rank order, click here and select the AKC Agility Invitational reports in the Top Dogs report section of the Store.

Aug 3, 2016

Jul 27, 2016

it's official!

yep, it's official...

4 new AKC Agility titles and Cheyenne is the very first Akita to earn each one:

Jun 27, 2016

2 QQ's and two new titles MJP5 and MJPS

well if it wasn't for the horrible cat pee sprayed on the tunnel Cheyenne would have had a perfect triple QQ weekend, alas here's what we ended up with instead:
QQ # 10 and # 11 towards PACH2, earning 23 speed points, leaving 170 still needed to qualify for the AKC Agility Nationals. she finished her MJP5 title along with her MJPS title including a 2nd placement and two 4th placements being the first Akita to earn both!
truly hope this upcoming weekends trial at Purina Farms will be allot better than the twilight zone of Albuquerque!

Jun 20, 2016

3 QQ's and two new titles MXP5 with MXPS

Cheyenne had a great weekend in Texas even though it was 115 degrees with 100% humidity every day we were there! thank goodness we were in an air conditioned facility, but she still had to go out in this to potty.
She earned 3 QQ's, so #7, #8 and #9 towards her PACH2. picked up 31 speed points, not what I was hoping for, but it was just too hot. she was in the ribbons all weekend with two 3rd placements and one 2nd placement in Jumpers, and three 2nd placements in Standard. she also completed two more titles her MXP5 and MXPS being the first Akita to earn each! mom is proud!
she only needs 194 speed points to qualify for the AKC Agility Nationals, no other Akita has achieved this level not even an ILP/PAL.

Apr 18, 2016

the real PACH!!!

Cheyenne had another perfect weekend! she really finished her PACH this time by earning 3 QQ's and 59 speed points! including one 1st placement, three 2nd placements, one 3rd placement, and one 4th placement! she now has 5 QQ's and 58 speed points towards PACH2!!! and she only needs 293 speed points to Qualify for Nationals!!!

Mar 28, 2016

the road to PACH!

Cheyenne started competing in Agility September 2013 after only two months of training. By February 2014 (at CKC) she earned both Masters titles and was gathering speed points for the road to PACH. Here it is a little over 2 years later and she's knocking at PACH's door! What an achievement after taking six months off for spay recovery and sitting it out through the hottest months.
Mom is truly proud of you Cheyenne!

Mar 27, 2016

QQ # 19

Cheyenne had a pretty good agility weekend, she picked up 26 speed points, a 1st placement in Jumpers a 4th in Standard and a 5th in Standard and QQ # 19!!!

Standard run

Jumpers run

she only needs 1 QQ and 40 speed points to PACH!

Jan 31, 2016

QQ # 18

Cheyenne and her bling from this weekends PPOC trial in Elbert. She finished QQ # 18 and picked up 50 speed points and three 3rd places.

She only needs two QQ's and 80 speed points to PACH!

here's Cheyenne QQ # 18 runs:

Jan 25, 2016

QQ # 17

Cheyenne and her bling from this weekends agility trial in Albuquerque. she earned double Q # 17 picking up 41 speed points and placed with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th qualifying in 4 of 6 runs.
she only needs 3 double Q's and 129 speed points to PACH!

Jan 3, 2016

Cheyenne picked up 30 speed points

Cheyenne picked up 30 speed points over the weekend including a 2nd and 3rd placement.
Only 170 speed points and 4 double Q's to PACH.