Jun 27, 2016

2 QQ's and two new titles MJP5 and MJPS

well if it wasn't for the horrible cat pee sprayed on the tunnel Cheyenne would have had a perfect triple QQ weekend, alas here's what we ended up with instead:
QQ # 10 and # 11 towards PACH2, earning 23 speed points, leaving 170 still needed to qualify for the AKC Agility Nationals. she finished her MJP5 title along with her MJPS title including a 2nd placement and two 4th placements being the first Akita to earn both!
truly hope this upcoming weekends trial at Purina Farms will be allot better than the twilight zone of Albuquerque!

Jun 20, 2016

3 QQ's and two new titles MXP5 with MXPS

Cheyenne had a great weekend in Texas even though it was 115 degrees with 100% humidity every day we were there! thank goodness we were in an air conditioned facility, but she still had to go out in this to potty.
She earned 3 QQ's, so #7, #8 and #9 towards her PACH2. picked up 31 speed points, not what I was hoping for, but it was just too hot. she was in the ribbons all weekend with two 3rd placements and one 2nd placement in Jumpers, and three 2nd placements in Standard. she also completed two more titles her MXP5 and MXPS being the first Akita to earn each! mom is proud!
she only needs 194 speed points to qualify for the AKC Agility Nationals, no other Akita has achieved this level not even an ILP/PAL.