Jun 20, 2011

June 20, 2011 - Texas agility trial

Packing up the car to head to Texas for this weekends AKC agiity trial. The weather is going to be hot; 103 listed on weather.com all 3 days. eek! Thank goodness we're in an air conditioned facility!
First day at trial:
It's 105 degrees here in Texas and it's about 85 in the crating area! Needless to say we're not having a very good day today.

Second day at trial:
It’s very hot in the building and even hotter where I finally ended up crating.
The air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working.  

Third day at trial:
I was done running in the trial by 11:30 am! The club was so wonderful; they moved me up in the running order so I was the first dog to run in jumpers so I could get an early start driving back to Colorado!!! They did this all on their own; I didn't ask for it, they just made the accommodation!!!! WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!

I was the 4th from the last dog in each class all weekend until I got to the Jumpers class, the last class for me on Sunday. I walked up to the gate sheets to check in and couldn't find Dolcenea's name??? So the gate steward started helping me and said "wait a minute, you are the first dog in"! I said that can't be, I've been 4th to last all weekend, and she smiled at me and said not this time!!!! I have NEVER had a club take into consideration WHERE the exhibitor was traveling from and make running accommodations for them so they could get an early start on their long drive home!!! This club was OUTSTANDING!!!

Trial highlights:
30 people came up to me on Sunday to tell me how absolutely beautiful my Akita was. They would say they had NEVER seen an Akita run in agility and my girl was absolutely awesome! One guy said he knew she was a champion by the way she composed her self running the course and she was stunning to watch run. Several of them said seeing Dolcenea run agility gave them a better perspective on the breed.

No Q;s for the weekend, we had some outstanding runs, but overall a really great trial!