Jun 8, 2011

Mr. Lancaster and the Colorado Flag

I'd pretty much given up the idea of decorating my stall (crating area) at the CPE Agility Nationals, after driving to 7 stores in two days without any success of finding a Colorado flag.

I headed out on my road trip listening to a Fanny Flagg CD to get me through the next eight hours. Just before the Julesburg exit, I read the words "welcome center" on one of the road signs and the thought of a Colorado flag popped back into my head.... just maybe they might have such a thing? Considering there were 2 of them flying next to the U.S. flag out front of the building that I could see as I was whizzing by coming up on the exit.
So I drive up to the front of the building, park the car, tell Dolcenea I'll be right back, and meander into the "welcome center". This lady walks up and asks if she can be of assistance, I said sure if you have a Colorado flag I can purchase. She gave me a puzzled look and I proceeded to explain to a complete stranger that I was on my way to Lake Elmo Minnesota representing Colorado in an Agility trial and I needed a Colorado flag in the worst way. 
An older gentleman entered the conversation and asked "what is a CTE nations?" I chuckled to myself and thought yeah it does sound pretty odd, so I proceeded to explain to him what is was and why I would be attending. Another lady was sitting at a computer screen and proceeded to pull up a website selling Colorado flags. She said pointing to her screen, you can buy them here. I said that is great but I need it right now, I'm on my way to Minnesota and I don't have time to try and find one online.
The next thing I know the first lady I spoke to as I entered the facility was handing me a sticky note with a gentleman’s home phone number on it by the name of Mr. Lancaster. She said with a smile on her face, if he can't find you one, there aint any to be found anywhere. I thanked each of them, then headed back out to the car quickly, since I had been gone much longer than I had planned and I'm sure Dolcenea would like to go potty too. I drove to the area marked for pets so Dolcenea could see what was huntable in the grassy area marked "pet exercise area".
As I was watching Dolcenea hunting, I looked at the sticky note in my hand and reflected on the conversation with the two ladies and a gentleman, and thought what the hell, why not, I'll see what Mr. Lancaster has to say. So I pulled out my cell and dialed the phone number as Dolcenea was poking her nose into yet another golfer hole blowing air into it testing for something to hunt. A gentleman answered the phone hello, and I proceed to tell Mr. Lancaster that I'm at the "welcome center" and the ladies inside gave me his number in search of a Colorado flag. I went into the sorted details and the next thing I knew this older cowboy was parked next to my car in his red dodge flatbed with a border/aussie mix tied in the back shaking my hand and helping me fold up a brand new Colorado flag!!!
I asked Mr. Lancaster how much he wanted for the flag and his expedited delivery and he said either drop it off on your way back through or mail it to me when you get a chance. Then he handed me a little piece of paper with his home address on it. I profusely thanked him for his trouble and the use of his flag! Mr. Lancaster wished me the best of luck in whatever it was I was needing it for and he drove off.
So my faith in humanity has been restored, there are still wonderful people in this world that will stop everything they are doing in their lives to bring a Colorado flag to a nut that calls them at home on her cell phone.
And they say chivalry is dead! Not even close!