Sep 19, 2013

Cheyenne's very first AKC agility trial!

This past weekend I took Cheyenne to her very first AKC agility trial in Castle Rock Colorado. As you can tell from the photo she did FANTASTIC!

On our first day Cheyenne got 1st place in Standard and 1st place in Jumpers being the only dog to qualify in her class. So yes she got a double Q on her very first attempt at running in agility, and she obtained her very first legs towards her NJP and NAP titles in AKC. Mom is so proud!

It's been almost seven years since mom's be in the Novice ring, and boy do I see why I hated it even back then! Our first run wasn't until 12:00 pm and the trial started at 8:00 am. Our second run wasn't until 4:30 pm, and all of the rings were completed and we were the very last few dogs to run. Certainly not a fun day at an agility trial.

The second day of the trial was worse, and I decided it wasn't worth terrorizing poor Cheyenne with how horrible the rings were being run. In the Standard course there was an AKC agility judge working the scribe table and he kept stopping each dogs run and arguing with the ring judge over her scoring. What should have taken about 20 minutes to run the Novice class, ended up taking well over an hour because of arguing judges! Not any fun for those of us stuck in Novice! 

This was a three ring agility trial stuffed into a building that can barely hold two rings comfortably without any crating inside. It was amazing despite it all Cheyenne did a great job anyway!