Sep 1, 2010


Where to begin; maybe the best place is to try and list some of Dolcenea's many accomplishments to date:

The first thing is her name:
Int.CH UACH U-CH Prairie's Beyond Doubt

To date Dolcenea holds 77 titles! She has 16 titles in AKC, 4 titles in UKC, 21 titles in NADAC, 8 titles in DOCNA, 3 titles in USDAA, 5 titles in ASCA, 12 titles in CPE, 1 title in UKI, and 5 misc titles. 
Here are some of her accomplishments:
  • Won High in Trial at two different ASCA trials in May 2011.
  • She qualified for AKC Agility Invitational for 2010 and 2011.  
  • CPE Nationals 2011 - she won High in Trial Standard 20" division Level 4!!! She qualified in 7 of 9 runs in Fullhouse, Wildcard, Colors, Jumpers and 3 rounds of Standard ALL with a 1st placement!!! She is Qualified for 2012
  • DOCNA Nationals 2009 - she won the 20" S-I Standard Division! Qualified for 2010. 
Dolcenea is the first Akita ever to complete many of the above accomplishments, and in all the titles she's completed she was the youngest Akita ever to do this!