Oct 1, 2010

Details about our history in Agility

Dolcenea began her agility career in 2008 by competing in AKC, UKC, NADAC and DOCNA trials attending 19 Agility events in Colorado and Wyoming.
In 2009 we expanded our competion to include USDAA and started traveling more out of state. We competed in 35 agility trials including one Nationals event.

In 2010 we expanded again to include ASCA and CPE and competed in 39 agility trials and two Nationals event.

In 2011 so far we have competed in 21 Agility trials and won High in Trial at the CPE Nationals, and in two different ASCA trials.

Since CPE agility trials are not held in Colorado (and probably never will be) we have to travel to Nevada, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, and Iowa. For the rest of the agility trials we travel to: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Texas, for National events and regular agility trials.

Dolcenea is the only Akita titled in every agility venue, the youngest Akita to title in agility, and she is the only Akita competing at her level in each venue!

With this last weekends agility event we have attended 114 agility trials since Dolcenea's agility career began. And this number does not count any of her entries into Rally, Obedience and Conformation trials!