Nov 20, 2016

YES she qualified for AKC Agility Nationals! the FIRST and ONLY Akita to achieve this level in AKC Agility!

here's Cheyenne with her bling from the FANTASTIC weekend we had! she earned PAX2 (the first Akita ever to earn this title) and picked up 52 speed points with two QQ's including three 1st placements and one 2nd! YES she qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals being held in Perry Georgia! the FIRST AND ONLY Akita to ever achieve this level in AKC Agility! she needed 7 QQ's and 550 speed points to qualify for Nationals, well Cheyenne decided that earning 20 QQ's including 564 speed points was a much better way to accomplish this ENORMOUS feet! yes, mom is on cloud nine! Cynthia Hutt you should be very proud of your girl now!