Jul 21, 2013

97th title!

Dolcenea and I ended up going to the NADAC agility trial in Golden over the weekend. Boy was it hot, I had to scratch her from the two standard runs it just wasn't safe to run. The sun was blazing down and Dolcenea was telling mom it wasn't worth it. So we sat these runs out, and of course the Jumpers and Touch'n Go runs we came for got moved to the last two runs of the day.

Needless to say Dolcenea did get the jumpers run finishing her 96th title! But she didn't get the Touch'n Go run due to severe thunder storms and lightening... can't win them all.

So we got home and I was checking Dolcenea's points with NADAC online and realized that a while back Dolcenea finished NADAC's Lifetime Point Award totaling 1,000 points! This was Dolcenea's 97th title!

can you tell she's getting tired of picture taking!