Dec 24, 2011

2013 AKC Agility Nationals qualification changes... again!

Got a call from the AKC today. The person calling said since Dolcenea is ranked in AKC as the #1 Akita in Preferred for 2011 they certainly didn’t want her to be able to attend their 2013 Nationals. They have gone back and looked at our records and realized she only has 263 speed points, so that’s where they came up with the following idea! To eliminate our ability to qualify they would add 400 speed points to their requirements on top of the 6 double Q’s that have to be earned between the qualifying period, and they knew for sure this new requirement would eliminate our ability to qualify for this event!

The above really didn’t happen, but this is what went thru my mind when I went to the AKC website and looked up the details for the 2013 AKC Agility Nationals qualification requirements:
2013 AKC National Agility Championship – Tulsa, OK
Qualification Info
Preferred Class Qualifications
  • Qualifying Period: is December 1, 2011 through and including November 30, 2012.  Exhibitors should keep track of any double qualifying scores and PACH points earned during the qualification period.
  • Requirements: Dogs will be eligible to enter this event if they earn at least 6 Double Q's & 400 PACH points from the Preferred Excellent B Standard & Jumpers With Weaves class during the qualifying period.

Yes, this change impacts Dolcenea and me profoundly; it’s the final determining factor for us to stop running in this venue all together. What is the point in even getting a PAX or PACH when they change the qualifying rules every other year to keep those of us that barely qualify as it is with non-traditional breeds from being able to attend their Nationals event? Like what they have done with the ILP issue in the Invitational isn’t bad enough, they had to seal their fate in our eyes by changing the rules for the Nationals yet again that will keep the #1 Agility Akita in the World who holds 83 titles and counting from attending.

So Dolcenea and I will focus on venues who like non-traditional agility breeds, for example CPE, NADAC, ASCA and UKI who welcome us with open arms and we get way more agility runs for our money in these venues!

Dolcenea is only 30 legs away from her CS-ATCH in CPE Agility. Given her past qualifying record of 10 for 10 at the last two trials we’ve attended, she should be able to complete this HUGE achievement at the CPE Agility Nationals in June 2012! Yippee!